Thomas Kessler

Thomas Kessler is a composer, producer, pianist, and sound sculptor from Duesseldorf, Germany.

Thomas Kessler ist ein Musikproduzent, Komponist, Pianist und Sounddesigner aus Düsseldorf.

Space Jazz | Time Design | Sound Architecture

This is Thomas Kessler,

composer, producer, and sound sculptor from Duesseldorf, Germany.

I took up the piano at the age of nine and made my first own recordings a little later with my older brother’s tape deck. 

After a few years of playing around in various rock-jazz and pop bands, I launched my first own ‚Group’ in the mid-1980s.

The Nineties saw me travelling the world with Berlin’s Dissidenten, where I would meet fantastic soloists like alto sax virtuoso Charlie Mariano and members of the Karnataka College of Percussion.

At the same time, I started building my own studio, which helped me control the entire musical production process, from recording to mixing to mastering.

Began working on a variety of projects in the field of intuitively composed music. The resulting collaborations included performances and productions with great fellow musicians from bands like King Crimson, Traffic, Can, or Kraftwerk.

The producer in me had the great fortune to support guitar wizards Ulli Bögershausen and Sungha Jung on some of their solo albums.

The year 2020 was finally marked by the resurrection of my solo piano music: in August I started the „Piano Lullabies“, a collection of compositions living at the lower end of the dynamic range.    


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